Insignia TV Remote App Not Working: Here’s How to Fix It

insignia tv remote app not working: here's how to fix it

Insignia TVs known for their high-quality displays and user-friendly features. One of the features of Insignia TVs is the remote control app, which allows users to control their TVs using their smartphones. However, like any other technology, the Insignia TV remote app may solve issues that prevent it from working properly.

Importance of insignia tv remote app

With the increasing reliance on smart technology, a functional remote app is crucial for a seamless TV-watching experience. When the app malfunctions, it can lead to frustration and create bad mood.

Steps to Fix insignia tv remote app

Steps to Fix insignia tv remote app

Step 1: Check the Basics for insignia tv remote app

Before going into solving isues, it’s essential to ensure that you have covered the basics of tv app. Make sure, that your smartphone and tv connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, ensure that both your TV and smartphone are using the newest software updates. Latest updates can enhanced viewing experience and boost speed.

Step 2: Device Reboot

Power Cycle the Mobile Device for better app:

A simple reboot of your smartphone can resolve many connectivity issues. Power it off and wait a few seconds. Then turn it back on for better performance.

Restart the Remote App:

Restart the remote app if your insignia tv not work properly. Close the app completely and relaunch it. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor problems and restore the app’s functionality.

Reconnecting the App to insignia TV After the Reboot:

Once both the mobile device and TV have been rebooted, open the app and reconnect it.

Step 3: Check the Remote App Settings for connecting insignia TV

Check the Remote App Settings for connecting insignia TV


Make sure that the remote app is properly configured on your smartphone.  To select right tv model, open your remote app settings. make sure, choose the right remote app for your tv. Moreover, check clearly if app required any camera or microphone access.

Step 4: Reset the TV apps

If none of the above solutions work, you can try resetting both your Insignia TV and the remote app. To reset the TV, navigate to the settings menu and look for the “Reset” or “Factory Reset” option. Keep in mind that resetting the TV will erase all personalized settings, so make sure to back up any important data.

Step 5: App Reinstallation for insignia tv

Uninstalling the Current App:

Uninstall the current type of app, and then reinstall it for free space. This method, create space for your new app installation.

Downloading the Latest Version of remote app for insignia tv:

Visit the app store, download the latest version of the TV remote app. Follow the installation instructions. These steps are valid for any type of smartphones. Download the app and enjoy the flexibility.

Step 6: Network checking of insignia remote app

Wi-Fi Settings Check:

Make sure, that mobile device and TV correctly set with the wifi connections. A stable and reliable internet connection is good for the app to function.

Solve Router Issues:

If connectivity problems remains, troubleshoot your router. Check for any issues, and if necessary, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

Step 7: Check latest App Updates for tv

Daily checked the app updates ensures that you have used the latest functions and software. Regularly seen the playstore to check the latest apps for your tv remote.

Step 8: Ensure Compatibility with the TV Model

Check the compatibility list provided by Insignia to confirm that your TV model is supported. If not, consider alternative remote control options.

User friendly Remote App Features for insignia tv

User friendly Remote App Features for insignia tv

Highlight some beneficial Features of insignia tv remote app

It’s important to highlight the useful features of your Insignia TV remote app after solving issues, such as voice control, customizable settings, and an intuitive interface. These create high viewing speed.

Beneficial Settings for a best User Experience

Open the app settings, to change your remote control settings according to your desires. From personalized shortcuts to theme options, make the app work for you.

Contacting Insignia Support for Assistance

If all else fails, reaching out to Insignia’s customer support can provide you with expert assistance. They can guide you through additional troubleshooting steps or offer further insights into the issue.

They have dedicated customer support channels to help users troubleshoot and resolve issues with their products. Provide them with detailed information about the problem you are facing, steps you have already taken, and any error messages you have encountered.


The Insignia TV remote app is a convenient tool for controlling your TV using your smartphone. However, if you encounter any issues with the app, following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above should help you resolve the problem.

Remember to check the basics, restart the app and TV, verify the app settings, reinstall the app if necessary, and consider resetting both the TV and app. If the remote app still not working then consult the customer service.  Enjoy the the remote app once the issues resolved.

Controlling your Insignia TV with a remote app is very unique methods in today’s world. It is used for various purposes.  However, what if you encounter a frustrating situation where the remote app stops working?

we’ll explore common issues, delve into the reasons behind the problem, and provide you with practical solutions. Now, go ahead, implement these steps, and get back to enjoying your favorite shows without the hassle of a malfunctioning remote app!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I update the Insignia TV remote app?

To ensure optimal performance and access to the latest features, it’s recommended to check for updates regularly. Aim for at least once a month or whenever a new update notification is received.

Can I use the remote app on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the remote app supports multiple devices. Make sure that the remote and tv have the same connectivity of wifi. Then you can used remote app on any device.

What i do if the issue remains after solution?

If the issue remains after following the solutions steps outlined in this guide, then contact to Insignia’s customer support. They have dedicated professionals who can provide further assistance and guidance.

Do additional features planned for future app updates?

Insignia TV committed to enhancing user experience, and future app updates may introduce new features and improvements. Stay tuned to official announcements and release notes for information on upcoming enhancements.

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